Petrol Station

Petrol Station

written by Sulayman Al-Bassam, 1972- (London, England: Oberon Books, 2017, originally published 2017), 79 page(s)

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Abstract / Summary
A remote petrol station lying fallow on the periphery of an unnamed country in the Arabian Gulf provides the background for a familial standoff in which the crimes, secrets, and broken loves of one generation make violent claims on the lives of the next. In this iconic setting, the brooding tensions between two half brothers are set alight by the arrival of a beautiful and dangerous woman on the run from the grips of a vicious civil war. Identity, ambition and betrayal play out in the contexts of war, oil and global migrancy.
Field of Interest
Copyright Message
Copyright © Sulayman Al Bassam, 2017; Foreword copyright © Susanne L Wofford, 2017
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Sub Genre
Original Publication Date
Page Count
Sulayman Al-Bassam, 1972-
Publication Year
Oberon Books
Place Published / Released
London, England
Theatre, Music & Performing Arts, Ethnic Theater, Civil war, Natural gas mining, Smuggling, Family arguments, Teatro Étnico, Father, Cashier, Manager, Trafficker, Mother of the Cashier, Joseph, Bayu, Khan, Mother of the Manager, Girl, Noah
Keywords and Translated Subjects
Teatro Étnico

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