The Laban Sourcebook

The Laban Sourcebook

edited by Dick McCaw, fl. 1978 (New York, NY: Routledge (Publisher), 2011, originally published 2011), 388 page(s)

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Abstract / Summary
Rudolf Laban (1879–1958) was a pioneer in dance and movement, who found an extraordinary range of application for his ideas; from industry to drama, education and therapy. Laban believed that you can understand about human beings by observing how they move, and devised two complimentary methods of notating the shape and quality of movements. The Laban Sourcebook offers a comprehensive account of Laban's writings. It includes extracts from his five books in English and from his four works in German, written in the 1920s and translated here for the first time. This book draws on archival research in England and Germany to chart the development of Laban's groundbreaking ideas through a variety of documents, including letters, articles, transcripts of interviews, and his unpublished Effort and Recovery.  
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Copyright © 2011 Dick McCaw for selection and editorial matter. Individual contributors, their contributions.
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General reference book
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Routledge (Publisher)
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New York, NY
Dance, Music & Performing Arts, Dance Theory, Dance and dancing, Dance theory, Labanotation, Modern, Teoría de la Danza, Teoria da Dança, Rudolf Laban, 1879-1958
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Teoría de la Danza, Teoria da Dança

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