120 Lives A Minute

120 Lives A Minute

written by Gustavo Ott (2006) (Privately Published, 2006, originally published 2006), 50 page(s)

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Abstract / Summary
120 LIVES A MINUTE - (2M, 3F) As an airplane begins its final descent, several characters prepare to arrive in their country. Suddenly, several highly unusual scenarios unfold during the landing process. The plane is sabotaged, the plane is carrying terrorists, the plane is experiencing a minor malfunction, the plane is flying too fast and has to circle back and try to land again, the plane lands normally. But what really happens to the plane and the 120 lives during those final minutes? And does their fate have anything to do with the country where they are landing?
Field of Interest
Copyright Message
Copyright © 2006 Gustavo Ott
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0 sec
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Gustavo Ott
Publication Year
Privately Published
Theatre, Music & Performing Arts, American Theater, Teatro Norte-Americano, Teatro Norteamericano, Emily, Diana, Soto, Alfonso, Pilot
Heather McKay
Keywords and Translated Subjects
Teatro Norte-Americano, Teatro Norteamericano

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