Archie, Archie no. 9

Archie, Archie no. 9

edited by Harry Shorten, 1914-1991; art by Harry Sahle, 1912-1950, Ed Goggin, fl. 1943, Janice Valleau, 1923-2013 and Red Holmdale, fl. 1940, in Archie (Pelham, NY: Archie Comic Publications, Inc., 1944), 48 page(s)

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Abstract / Summary

"Archie the Caveman." Presenting the first Archie story in history...literally! It's a prehistoric version of Riverdale High where Arch-ee is still a teenage troublemaker. The whole gang is present in class when the young Neanderthal's pet dinosaur bites Grun-di on the nose. Arch-ee is soon brought before King Bee, who forbids him from joining the big bear hunt. How can he impress cave girl Veronica without catching a bear?! Tag on tales from Oscar, Bumbie and Cubby--not to mention Archie's madcap waterproofing solution!

The stories, characters, and incidents in the publication are entirely fictional. Many of these stories are also products of another time, and may be found to be dated or objectionable in some cases by today’s standards. The stories are represented in the publication without alteration for the purposes of historical reference and research only, and were added to your library at the discretion of your local or institution administrator. Any questions or concerns about the content contained herein should be addressed to them.

Harry Sahle, 1912-1950, Ed Goggin, fl. 1943, Janice Valleau, 1923-2013, Red Holmdale, fl. 1940
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Archie Comic Publications, Inc.
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Ficção, Ficción

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