Viva La Musica Latina

Viva La Musica Latina

performed by Alan Marchand (Alan Marchand, 2011), 42 mins

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Viva La Música Latina celebrates the music of Latin America, which is truly a celebration of life itself.

Check out our whimsical bossa nova, "Cuchi FedEx Man".

"E Uma Carioca" provides music for girl-watching on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

"Por Qué No Te Callas?" ("Why Don't You Shut Up?"): A question uttered in desperation by Spanish King Juan Carlos I, directed toward Hugo Chávez at the closing of the 17th Ibero-American summit.

"Fique Tranquilo", spoken at the first sign of a stressful situation, is the Brazilian equivalent of the Aussies' "No Worries, Mate".

"Lembrar de Você" (Remembering You) celebrates old love, whereas "Gigolo Cubano" is a celebration of love for sale.

"Los Guaracheros" is a celebration of the music of Cuba. Guaracha, as perfected by the late Celia Cruz, eventually developed into the style of Latin music now known as "salsa".

"Meu São Paulo" is a gentle, nostalgic bossa nova that celebrates the magic of Brazil's largest city.

"Pois Não?" is a phrase that you might hear upon entering a shop in Brazil. Literally "Because No", this seemingly nonsensical phrase has come to mean "At Your Service". Com certeza!

"I'd Rather Be A Has-Been Than A Never Was" is a self-explanatory bossa nova tune.

The phrase "Y A Otra Cosa, Mariposa" is spoken when you want to ask someone politely to change the subject of a conversation.

Each of us can expect to encounter "Señor Moment" more frequently as we age.

Content Type
Music recording
42 mins
Sub Genre
Jazz, Blues, Piece
Alan Marchand
Alan Marchand
Date Recorded
Release Date
Jazz, Music & Performing Arts, Latin Jazz, Jazz Latino
Keywords and Translated Subjects
Jazz Latino

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