Tango - Jazz (live in Studio C)

Tango - Jazz (live in Studio C)

performed by Scott Hallgren (Scott Hallgren, 2010), 41 mins

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The similarities between jazz and tango are deeper than most listeners realize, so the idea of combining the two idioms again on a future project has a certain appeal.

The first four pieces, collectively know as 'The Porteña Suite', are dedicated to Diana Holland, and represent Scott's foray into writing tango music. The next three tunes with Scott on piano begin with a longing solo piece, Snowfall, and then see him joined by bassist Brad Albin for Imagine, a jazz contrafact and Susurro (Whisper), a bossa/ballad.

The last three pieces are unique collaborations: Spirits of the Dead is a completely free musical improvisation (no sheet music or pre-conceived ideas) in response to an eerie poem by Edgar Allan Poe. (Scott had not had the opportunity to play with trumpeter Rod McGaha before, nor has he since.) Sin Lux represents a similar effort with saxophonist Mitch Reilly one year later. The bonus track, Film Noir, is a piece Scott wrote specifically for trumpeter/friend Leif Shires in a lush, 1950's jazz-cum-orchestra style, which was recorded for Leif's debut album, Rapture.

Most of the album was performed and recorded live on Nashville's NPR affiliate, WPLN, during several different sessions between Oct. 30, 2007 and Jan. 10, 2010. All of the pieces are original compositions.

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Music recording
41 mins
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Jazz, Latin
Scott Hallgren
Scott Hallgren
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Jazz, Music & Performing Arts, Latin Jazz, Jazz Latino
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Jazz Latino

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