Chimangala mangala (Track)

Chimangala mangala (Track)

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Field of Interest
World Music
Copyright Message
Material sourced from the International Library of African Music. Copyright International Library of African Music.
Here is one of the rare references to cannibalism in southern Africa where it was not frequently practiced. "Tiyeni Achimangala Mangala yiyeni, panangokhala mamuna Wina, anafunsa chikwati panudzi, asanpite kumunda Anafuna kudya. Yye akapita kumunda sanati Kobwera nsanga nkazi akaphika nsima anali Kudyera kumunda, mwana akafika anali kunfunsa, Waphika nsengwa pakudye anali kudya nki mbale Zomwe pamodzi nki mwana yemwe." (as written). "Let us go, Achimangala Mangala, let us go. There was a man who asked a woman to marry him. This man used to eat before going to the garden to hoe, and so when he went hoeing he always came back late. A boy used to come and bring him food in the garden and she would ask the boy " how many plates of food have you brought?" this happened frequently and last of all he ate not only the food but the plates and the boy as well. Now people, when they went look for the boy found nothing, and the man had vanished also as he was a cannibal.
Content Type
Field recording (raw)
Anthropologist / Ethnographer
Hugh Tracey, 1903-1977
Sub Genre
Spoken Word, Song
Date Recorded
Series Number
World Music, Anthropology, Music & Performing Arts, Social Sciences, Africa, Cultural anthropology, África, Antropologia Cultural, Antropología Cultural
Keywords and Translated Subjects
África, Antropologia Cultural, Antropología Cultural

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