Cassette of Bayaka Music and Sounds #95, Type of Music: Mondumé

Cassette of Bayaka Music and Sounds #95, Type of Music: Mondumé

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Field of Interest
World Music
Copyright Message
Material sourced from the Louis Sarno Archive, Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford. Copyright © Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford.

Louis Sarno's notes on liner card (ms ink) – 'NS <21>'

Side A: Louis Sarno's notes on liner card (ms ink) – '1.* - good after humidity noise stops. 27 July upper Makupa: guba, with hunting cries near end [000-61]. 2. 061-133 Women setting up camp while men off on hunt. 27 July. Makupa Upper. 3.*133-238 28 July early afternoon: chattering and feeding “blue jay birds" (upper Makupa transitional camp #3). 4. 29 July morning: 238-301/ 301-400. Earth bow played by Limbombo *2nd track better than first, but try to record better and more later. 5. 29 July late morning/ early afternoon scenes by the stream (upper Makupa). a) 400-465 brook in foreground/ tree chopping for kuma in b kg. b) 465-554 - same with turaco near end 530 and no chopping sound. c) 554-64: - dud. d) 564 -- 614: - scene at stream with wood - hoopoe chopping tree occasionally/ e) 614-633 scratch f)* 633-end: - brook waterfall in distance, neat bird call near beginning, wood hoopoes (excellent atmospherics but with some fairly subtle humidity noise, but good one for magnification nonetheless)'93

Side B: Louis Sarno's notes on liner card (ms ink) – '1. 000-033: ibid. ASF w/ noisy “blue jay" bird (large, slate black back, belly white w/ black speckles, head half and half bathed in stream). 033-050 same scene with warbly birds, dragonfly hitting the water (hunting? Laying eggs?). 050-080 same scene with “see-saw" bird call. 080-159 29 July late afternoon - 3rd one ex., last one ok:earth bow a) 080-113 scratch b)* 113-128 - v. good. c)* 128-142 - good*. d)* 142-159 w/ children chanting - v. good. 2.* 210-262 29 July after midnight. Adamo on Mondumé (excellent). 3.* 210 262-343 29 July after midnight leopard cries (2 tracks, 2nd one best). 4.* 343 (479) - 424 (479) 31 July early afternoon in huge bimba: feeding termites and bird ngongongo. 5.* 1 August early afternoon (after rain) in huge mixed bimba: 8 women “mushroom gathering" (upper Makupa). New Age good until first break about 5-6 minutes'

Reverse side of liner card: Louis Sarno's notes on liner card (ms ink) – 'Adimo, Bosso, Elike, Sepi, Eckpata, Metimbo, Mòkúla, Minjaka'

Content Type
Field recording (raw)
1 hour 36 mins
Anthropologist / Ethnographer
Louis Sarno, 1954-2017
Sub Genre
Date Recorded
Series Number
World Music, Anthropology, Music & Performing Arts, Social Sciences, Africa, Cultural anthropology

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