Buddy & Julie Miller

Buddy & Julie Miller

produced by Buddy Miller, fl. 2010 and Julie Miller; performed by Buddy Miller, fl. 2010 and Julie Miller (Hightone Records, 2001), 43 mins, 11 page(s)

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Field of Interest
American Music
Content Type
Music recording
43 mins
Recording Engineer
Deri Daugherty
Sub Genre
Country, Americana
Hightone Records
Page Count
Buddy Miller, fl. 2010, Julie Miller
Buddy Miller, fl. 2010, Julie Miller
Release Date
Earthy husband and wife singer/songwriters Buddy & Julie Miller offer more rootsy, countrified folk music on their self-titled 2001 release, this time with a full, more rock-influenced sound. While the two have made involved appearances on each others' albums, Buddy & Julie Miller marks their first release as a true duo. The leadoff track, "Keep Your Distance," is a full and lush stomper, humming with rich Hammond organ and rattling tambourine, while the breathy trembler "You Make My Heart Beat Too Fast" is a bluesy throwback to late-'70s era Rolling Stones, with heavy electric guitar and throbbing drums. Fans of the Millers' traditional folk love songs needn't worry; the achingly bittersweet "Forever Has Come to an End" is on par with the honest American folk on their previous releases, and the dark murder ballad "Rock Salt and Nails" is as gripping and chilling as Gillian Welch's gritty recordings. The harmonies of Julie's sweet, girlish singsong and Buddy's gruff, dark voice still remain their strongest trademark, with their honest songwriting following closely behind. Buddy & Julie Miller continue to grow and experiment with their sound, and while this may ruffle the feathers of folk purists, Americana fans will certainly embrace this new direction wholeheartedly. ~ Zac Johnson, All Music Guide
American Music, Music & Performing Arts, American Studies, Rock Music, Rock Music, Música Rock
Keywords and Translated Subjects
Rock Music, Música Rock

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