The Pipil Indians of El Salvador

The Pipil Indians of El Salvador

produced by David Blair Stiffler, fl. 1981-2014 (Folkways Records, 1983), 40 mins

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Field of Interest
World Music
Produced and recorded by David Blair Stiffler.

"The Pipils are descendants of the Aztecs of Mexico and today are the last pure-blooded Indians living in the country of El Salvador. Aside from the Pipils there are few remnant groups of the Lenca, Pokoman, Chorti and Ulva who live throughout the country....In this album some representation of the Pipil culture as well as the latinized traditional, Salvadorean folk melodies, that have their roots in the Indian and Spanish religious ceremonies will be presented..."

David Blair Stiffler

Producido y grabado por David Blair Stiffler.

"Los Pipil son descendientes de los Aztecas mexicanos y son hoy por hoy los últimos indígenas de sangre pura que viven en El Salvador. Aparte de los Pipil todavía existen unos pocos grupos remanentes de las tribus Lenca, Pokoman, Chorti y Ulva que viven a lo largo del país.... En este álbum se presentan algunas tradiciones de la cultura Pipil, así como melodías folclóricas tradicionales salvadoreñas cuyas raíces se encuentran tanto en ceremonias religiosas indígenas como en las españolas..."

David Blair Stiffler

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Content Type
Music recording
40 mins
Sub Genre
Dance, Sacred, Work Song, Instrumental
Folkways Records
David Blair Stiffler, fl. 1981-2014
Release Date
World Music, Music & Performing Arts, South America, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, América del Sud, México, Centroamérica y el Caribe, América do Sul, México, América Central e Caribe, El Salvador
Keywords and Translated Subjects
América del Sud, México, Centroamérica y el Caribe, América do Sul, México, América Central e Caribe

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