God, Guts, and Guns

God, Guts, and Guns

(Folkways Records, 1977), 35 mins

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Field of Interest
World Music

“We live in a land of plenty but some people are so greedy that they’ll steal from the blind.” Folksinger / guitarist Jeff Ampolsk sings about how Sally solves her problem of running out of money, how a blind man knows that he is being taken advantage of while mopping floors in a factory and how a young superstar basketball player’s destiny is changed the moment he is hit by a diesel truck. These are the struggles of the working classes in the American South that comprise some of Ampolsk’s casual reflections on life.

Content Type
Music recording
35 mins
Sub Genre
American Folk
Folkways Records
Release Date
World Music, American Music, Music & Performing Arts, American Studies, United States and Canada, Estados Unidos y Canadá, Estados Unidos e Canadá, United States
Keywords and Translated Subjects
Estados Unidos y Canadá, Estados Unidos e Canadá

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