The Clock is Stopping: The Human Scenario

The Clock is Stopping: The Human Scenario

(Cook Records, 2012), 3 hours 5 mins

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World Music
The visionary, designer, architect, poet, author and inventor who brought the term "synergy" into the realm of popular speech, Buckminster Fuller shares many of his original ideas in this series of monologues. Here he broaches problems as large as those of reality (and that reality no longer constitutes what one can see, hear, taste, feel and touch) and the moment of "final examination" that humanity now finds itself in that requires establishing a new relationship with the universe. (Also check out COOK05025 Buckminster Fuller Speaks His Mind.)
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Music recording
3 hours 5 mins
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Oral History & Biography
Cook Records
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World Music, American Music, Music & Performing Arts, American Studies, United States and Canada, Estados Unidos y Canadá, Estados Unidos e Canadá, United States
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Estados Unidos y Canadá, Estados Unidos e Canadá

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