Sound Effects, Vol. 3

Sound Effects, Vol. 3

(Cook Records, 2012), 42 mins

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Field of Interest
World Music
Cook Laboratories promises authentic, real sound effects recorded on-location for superior sound quality. You'll have your choice of music that stereotypically characterizes the nursery, the carnival, the old barroom, and the jungle, as well as musical snippets that evidently personify the 18th Century, dissolute behavior and an ominous event. There are more Sound Effects in Volumes 1 and 2 (COOK10001, COOK10002).
Content Type
Non-music sound recording
42 mins
Sub Genre
Sounds, Sound Effects
Cook Records
Release Date
World Music, American Music, Music & Performing Arts, American Studies, United States and Canada, Estados Unidos y Canadá, Estados Unidos e Canadá, United States
Keywords and Translated Subjects
Estados Unidos y Canadá, Estados Unidos e Canadá

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