Musical Interactions

Musical Interactions

written by Victoria Lindsay Levine and Judith A. Gray; edited by Ellen Koskoff (Routledge (Publisher), 2000), 11 page(s)

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Field of Interest
World Music
Victoria Lindsay Levine, Judith A. Gray
Content Type
General reference book
Sub Genre
Dance, New Age, Rabbit Dance, Round Dance, Sun Dance, Waila, War Dance
Page Count
Page Range
Publication Year
Routledge (Publisher)
World Music, Music & Performing Arts, United States and Canada, European American, Indian, Navajo, American, American Indian, Apache, Arapaho, Algonquian, Canadian, Cherokee, Eskimo, French, German, Hispanic, Kiowa, Pawnee, Pueblo, Tlingit, Twa, Yaqui, European, Mexican, Cheyenne, First Nation, Inupiat, Lakota, Omaha, Paiute, Ponca, Sioux, Baptist, Recreational drugs, Christmas, Easter, Religious faiths, Christianity, Catholicism, Protestantism, Religious orders, Awards, World, Accordion, Piano, Bass, electric, Bell, Drum, Drum, bass, Drum, water, Violin, Guitar, Harp, Keyboard, electric, Shell, Rattle, Shaker, Gourd, rattle, Saxophone, Trumpet, Fiddle, Vocables, Voice, Chorus, Whistle, Gourd, struck, Estados Unidos y Canadá, Estados Unidos e Canadá, New York Upstate, Rome, Latium, Italy, Canyon Records, Emile Berliner, 1851-1929, Jerry Alfred, Frances Densmore, 1867-1957, Jesse Walter Fewkes, 1850-1930, Alice Cunningham Fletcher, 1838-1923, James H. Howard, Gertrude Prokosch Kurath, 1903-1992, James Mooney, 1861-1921, Willard Rhodes, 1901-1992, Thomas Vennum, Jr., fl. 1988, Joanne Shenandoah, fl. 2001-2003, New York, Oklahoma, Arizona, British Columbia, Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington State, Mexico, Tucson, AZ, North America, Rome, Lazio
Keywords and Translated Subjects
Estados Unidos y Canadá, Estados Unidos e Canadá, New York Upstate, Rome, Latium, Italy

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