The Water Cries: Episode 14

The Water Cries: Episode 14

directed by Wang Meng (China: China International TV), 9 secs

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Abstract / Summary
EPISODE 14: Saving water is one of the most effective ways to solve China's water crisis. This requires the cooperation of all people living in China. Experts in China advise that the best way to save water is to increase the price of water. For example, In Tianjin city in northern China, college students must use a card to track how much water they use, and they are charged accordingly. In addition, Tianjin has educational programs teaching residents how to save water. Some villages in Xinjiang Province in China are adapting new water saving techniques. It is clear that everyone in China needs to cooperate and make sacrifices in order to save China's precious water supply.
Field of Interest
Asian Studies
Copyright Message
Copyright © 2009 Used by permission of China International TV Corp.
Wang Meng
Content Type
9 secs
Original Release Date
China International TV
Place Published / Released
Date Recorded
Asian Studies, Film, Diversity, Music & Performing Arts, Literature & Language, East Asia, 2000s, East Asian Films, Economics, Environment, Ásia Oriental, Asia Oriental, 2000s, Cooperation, College Students, Water conservation
Keywords and Translated Subjects
Ásia Oriental, Asia Oriental, 2000s, Cooperation, College Students, Water conservation

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