James B. Duke Project

James B. Duke Project

(New York: Columbia University. Oral History Research Office),
Source: oralhistoryportal.library.columbia.edu

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Abstract / Summary
Through a series of interviews, the origins and subsequent activities of the Duke Endowment are set forth, with particular focus on the personality and career of the fonder. Associates of James B. Duke (1857-1925) and persons active in his manifold interest provide personal reminiscences, anecdotes, and comments on the Duke family, the career of Duke, the development of the Duke Power Company and various other business ventures designed to advance the Piedmont Region of North Carolina, his early interests in southern education, in particular Trinity College (now Duke University), and developments since his death.
Field of Interest
Letters and Diaries
Content Type
Oral history
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Columbia University. Oral History Research Office
Place Published / Released
New York
Letters and Diaries, History, Daily Life, Social Movements and Justice, Biographies, Sociology, United States of America, USA, US of A, America, Estados Unidos, North America, North Carolina, United States
Keywords and Translated Subjects
United States of America, USA, US of A, America, Estados Unidos

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