Classroom Activity 1: Halo Effect

Classroom Activity 1: Halo Effect

with Diane L. Finley (2013, originally published 2013),

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Abstract / Summary
Students enjoy examining advertisements for the characteristics of the source, content, and target audience that have been found to influence the effectiveness of persuasive communications. Such an exercise may be implemented in various ways. Students may be asked to bring ads from the print media to class to demonstrate each of the characteristics of source, content, and target audience. Alternatively, the instructor may provide the advertisements for student to comment on. Students may be encouraged to generate and test hypotheses about the source, content, and target of advertisements on various pages of the World Wide Web.
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Instructional material
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URL Cognitive Dissonance
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Diane L. Finley
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Psychology, Social Sciences, Psychology & Counseling, Cognitive Psychology, Halo Effect, Experimental Methods, Experimental Methods, Psicología Cognitiva, Psicologia Cognitiva, Edward Lee Thorndike, 1874-1949, Learning and Conditioning, Social perception
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Psicología Cognitiva, Psicologia Cognitiva

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