Classroom Activity 1: Bystander Effect Experiment

Classroom Activity 1: Bystander Effect Experiment

written by Amy C. Fineburg (2013, originally published 2013),

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Abstract / Summary
"Have students work in pairs. For this activity, one person will need help in some way. Below are some suggestions: o Carrying a large/heavy/cumbersome load and needing assistance opening a door o Dropping a load of books/pencils/paper, etc. o Looking for something you have lost (should require planting something that has been lost) o Pushing a heavy load on a cart, etc. The other member of the pair should observe a first trial where the person needs help but offers no assistance. The second trial should involve the observer to come and offer help. The students should see if they get more outside offers to help in the first trial as compared to the second trial. Students should present their data for each trial to the class and combined class data can be used to discuss the bystander effect in greater detail. Discussion: Have students describe their experiences with these simulations. Each student should be required to write what they experienced/observed."
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Amy C. Fineburg
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Instructional material
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Psychology, Social Sciences, Psychology & Counseling, Social Psychology, Bystander Effect, Observation Methods, Experimental Design, Between Groups Design, Observation Methods, Experimental Design, Between Groups Design, Psicología Social, Psicologia Social, Bibb Latane, 1937-, John Darley, 1938-, Social Psychology, Responsibility
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Psicología Social, Psicologia Social

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