The Big, the Small, and the Complex: How Good Is Your Memory?

The Big, the Small, and the Complex: How Good Is Your Memory?


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Abstract / Summary
One of the fascinating things about people who have had a misattribution memory is the confidence in which they will defend their recollection. Building upon his anecdote about memory researcher Donald Thompson, who was wrongfully accused of a brutal rape due to a misattribution, Daniel Schacter proposes a memory test. Executed like a trained showman, Schacter challenges the audience’s own confidence in a demonstration of mental fallibility. You can follow along at home, and we’d be curious to know how you do.
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Psychology, Social Sciences, Psychology & Counseling, Cognitive Psychology, Reconstruction of Automobile Destruction, Repeated Measures, Observation Methods, Repeated Measures, Observation Methods, Psicología Cognitiva, Psicologia Cognitiva, Elizabeth F. Loftus, 1944-, Intelligence, Cognition, and Memory
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Psicología Cognitiva, Psicologia Cognitiva

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