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1636 Anne Hutchinson heresy trial banishes her from Massachusetts. 4
1685 The Black Code was developed in French colonial Louisiana to regulate the enslavement of Africans 1
1692 Witch trials and executions in Salem, MA (May-October). 1
1768 Women and spinning bees support boycott of British cloth. 1
1773 Phillis Wheatley's Poems on Various Subjects: Religious and Moral published in London. 2
1774 Fifty-one women in Edenton, North Carolina sign a declaration to boycott British goods. 1
1776 New Jersey law grants suffrage to "all free inhabitants" who meet property and residence requirements; soon thereafter unmarried women who own property in their own name begin to vote. In 1790 the election law referred to voters as "he or she," but in 1807 the legislature passed a law that disfranchised women. 5
1780 Ladies' Association of Philadelphia begins fund-raising for Continental Army. 1
1792 Publication in London of Vindication of the Rights of Women by Mary Wollstonecraft. 3
1821 Emma Hart Willard establishes Troy Female Seminary in Troy, N. Y., exemplifying the spread of higher education for women in the North. 3
1827 The first African American newspaper, Freedom's Journal, is founded in New York. 1
1829 Northern white women begin to petition Congress against the forced removal of Cherokee people from their land in Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. 1
1833 Oberlin College becomes the first college to admit female students. 3
1836 Women begin to petition Congress to end slavery in the nation's capital, Washington, D.C. 2
1837 The first of three National Conventions of American Anti-Slavery Women, followed by conventions in 1838 and 1839. 6
1837 Mary Lyon establishes Mount Holyoke Female Seminary in South Hadley, Massachusetts, which sent generations of women into careers as teachers and missionaries. 2
1840 American women protest their treatment at the World’s Anti-Slavery Convention after female delegates were formally excluded. 1
1843 Women in Ten Hour Movement in New England begin to advocate shorter hours for factory operatives. 1
1848 The first women's rights convention, Seneca Falls, New York (July 19-20), which was followed by a more than a dozen other women's rights conventions in New England, New York and Ohio, 1848-1869. 4
1849 Amelia Bloomer lends her support to the dress reform movement, providing significant publicity. By 1851 the new outfit was described as the "bloomer costume." 3
1853 The Whole World’s Temperance Convention held in New York City combining the concerns of women’s rights and the temperance movement. 1
1855 In a series of skirmishes in Kansas Territory, free-state women helped the struggle against proslavery advocates. 1
1860 Women join the New England shoe strike. 1
1861 Northern women begin to provide aid to Union troops through the Sanitary Commission during the Civil War. 3
1867 Kansas women support campaigns for woman and Black suffrage in Kansas. 1