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Namesort descending Description Founding year Works by Works about Works to
CLARITAS, Corp., Arlington, VA 1
CaIifornia Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs 1
Cairo Woman's Club, Cairo, IL 1
California Board and Commission Project, Sacramento, CA 1
California Civic League. San Francisco Center 1
California Federation of Business and Professional Women 2
California Federation of Teachers 1
California Journal, Sacramento, CA 1
California State Federation of Colored Women's Clubs 2
California State Federation of Women's Clubs 2
California State University, Fresno 1
California State University, Fullerton 1
California State University, Sacramento 1
California Woman Suffrage Association 3
California. Bureau of Justice. Department of the Attorney General 1
California. Child Welfare Services 1
California. Commission on Women Veterans 2
California. Commission on the Status of Women 183 1
California. Courts. Judicial Council 1
California. Department of Education 4
California. Department of Finance 3
California. Department of Health Services 1
California. Department of Industrial Relations. Division of Labor Statistics and Research 5
California. Department of Mental Health. Statistics and Data Analysis Section 2
California. Department of Social Welfare 1