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By Maggie Bourque, University of Wyoming
17 Jul 2013
Atomic Bombers
written by Russell Vandenbroucke (2001); directed by Valerie Landsburg, 1958-; performed by Larry Cox, Jeannie Elias, 1954-, Robin Gammell, Jon Matthews, Philip Mershon, Danny Mora, Wolf Muser, 1950-, Lisa Jane Persky, 1955-, John Vickery, Tom Virtue, 1957- and Ron West (Los Angeles, CA: L.A. Theatre Works, 2010, originally published 2001, first release 1995), 1 hour 29 mins  
Atomic Bombers, by Russell Vandenbroucke. Directed by Valerie Landsburg. Performed by Larry Cox; Jeannie Elias; Robin Gammell; Jon Mathews; Philip Mershon; Danny Mora; Wolf Muser; Lisa Jane Persky; John Vickery; Tom Virtue; Ron West. (L.A. Theatre Works, 2009)
17 Jul 2013
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