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Rwanda, a small East African nation with over 11 million people, is one of three nations where mountain gorillas call home. It is also the site of a terrible 1994 genocide in which over 500,000 people were killed as a result of ethnic competition and tension between the Hutu and Tutsi peoples.
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Rwanda: History of A Genocide
produced by Robert Genoud (New York, NY: Filmakers Library, 1998), 57 mins  
Rwanda: History of A Genocide - This documentary from Filmakers Library uses historical footage and firsthand accounts to outline the genocide of the Tutsi people by their Hutu neighbors from European colonization through the events of 1994.
17 Jul 2013
Duhozanye - We Who Comfort Each Other
directed by Karoline Frogner, 1961-; produced by Karoline Frogner, 1961-, Integritet Film (Oslo, Oslo County: Nordic World, 2011), 52 mins  
Duhozanye - We Who Comfort Each Other - This Nordic World documentary tells the story of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide from firsthand accounts and focuses on the aftermath, wherein one woman began an organization of Hutu and Tutsi widows who build civil society, forging a new Rwandan identity in the process.
17 Jul 2013
Rwanda - International Response to 1994 Genocide
directed by Bengt Jonson; produced by Bengt Jonson, Sebra-Film, in Peace And Conflict Resolution, 4 (Falls Church, VA: Landmark Media, 2002, originally published 2002), 29 mins  
This Landmark Media clip looks at the 1994 genocide from the perspective of the international community and their response, from the UN to the Catholic Church.
17 Jul 2013
Rwanda - Refugee Politics
produced by Roger Pyke Productions (New York, NY: Filmakers Library, 1992), 1 hour 5 mins  
This Filmakers Library clip looks at the issue of refugees in Rwanda and Burundi, related to the tribal warfare and conflict that has dominated politics here for many years.
17 Jul 2013
Rwanda - Gorillas in the Mist
produced by Jen Ciraldo, fl. 1987-2015, in Biography (New York, NY: A&E Television Networks, 2004), 48 mins  
This A&E Clip examines the lifework of Dian Fossey who brought attention to Rwanda by using it as her base from which to study the mountain gorilla. It highlights the tension between ecological studies, tourism and poaching present in Rwanda and neighboring countries.
17 Jul 2013
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