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Transgender is the state where one's gender identity does not match the biological sex identified by others.
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Metamorphosis: Man into Woman
directed by Lisa Leeman, fl. 1985; produced by Claudia Hoover (New York, NY: Filmakers Library, 1990), 58 mins  
Metamorphosis: Man into Woman - This documentary from Filmakers Library follows its subject, Gary, over three years as Gary undergoes the process of changing his sex from male to female.
17 Jul 2013
directed by Marcus Lindeen; produced by Marcus Lindeen (New York, NY: Filmakers Library, 2010), 1 hour 1 mins  
Regretters - This documentary from Filmakers Library tells the story of two transgendered individuals who began life as men but became women. Years later, they wish to return to being men, revealing the complexity of gender identity, sexual reassignment surgery, and the psychology around it.
17 Jul 2013
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