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Frank Lloyd Wright (1867 - 1959) was an influential American architect, interior designer, writer and educator, who designed more than 1,000 structures. He was recognized in 1991 by the American Institute of Architects as the greatest architect of all time.
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The Last Wright: Frank Lloyd Wright and the Rebirth of an American City
directed by Lucille Carra (New York, NY: Filmakers Library, 2009), 51 mins  
The Last Wright: Frank Lloyd Wright and the Rebirth of an American City - This Filmakers Library title traces the life, death, and possible rebirth of Mason City, Iowa from 1926 - 2009, centering around a downtown originally designed by Wright. The film focuses on rare archival footage of Wright masterpieces in the Midwest and Japan.
17 Jul 2013
Frank Lloyd Wright - Taliesin West
directed by Thomas Craven; produced by Thomas Craven, in Vision USA (District of Columbia: United States Information Agency, 1973), 25 mins  
Taliesin is the name of the summer home Frank Lloyd Wright built in Wisconsin. In this USIA clip, his summer home Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona is shown, along with the school of architecture found there today, managed by his third wife, Olgivanna until her death in 1985.
17 Jul 2013
Frank Lloyd Wright - Guggenheim Museum
in Universal Newsreels, Release 85 (Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood: Universal Pictures Company, 1959, originally published 1959), 6 mins  
This Universal Newsreels clip looks at the opening of the Frank Lloyd Wright building of the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. Commissioned in June 1943, the building was designed by Wright but would not be completed until after his death.
17 Jul 2013
Frank Lloyd Wright - Robie House
directed by Malcolm Hossick, fl. 1996-2011; produced by Malcolm Hossick, fl. 1996-2011, in Famous Authors (Falls Church, VA: Landmark Media, 2002), 32 mins  
This Landmark Media clip from a biography of Ernest Hemingway briefly shows Robie House, a home and studio built by Frank Lloyd Wright in Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. The house is a few blocks from Ernest Hemingway's boyhood home, which itself was designed by his mother, Grace Hall, a friend and contemporary of Wright.
17 Jul 2013
Frank Lloyd Wright - Midway Gardens
written by Ken Burns, 1953-; produced by Ken Burns, 1953-, in Ken Burns's Jazz, 3 (Arlington, VA: Public Broadcasting Service, 2000), 1 hour 51 mins  
This brief clip from Ken Burns' Jazz documentary shows images of Midway Gardens, an indoor/outdoor entertainment facility in Hyde Park on the South Side of Chicago. Built in 1914, it was designed to be a European-style concert garden but had to close in 1929 and was torn down shortly thereafter.
17 Jul 2013
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