Playlist:  Aboriginal Australia (Introduction to World Music: Australia) by Jenna Makowski, Alexander Street Press

The albums in this playlist introduce students to the music of Aboriginal Australia with a focus on the full integration of music into nearly every aspect of life, including ancestral lineage and oral history, creation stories and truths, landscapes and the environment, and spirituality and connection with the land.
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Dreamtime: Mark Atkins, Master of the Didgeridoo
performed by Mark Atkins (ARC Music Productions, 2011), 43 mins, 10 page(s)  
Mark Atkins is a descendant of the Yamijti people of Western Australia and of Irish-Australian heritage. Not only is he a master of the didgeridoo but also a story teller, song writer, drummer and visual artist. Mark is a founding member of Kooriwadjula, a contemporary/traditional performance group that performs widely at festivals, rock venues, universities and schools. He has developed a technique of circular breathing which allows him to produce multiple tones on the didgeridoo, including calls and animals sounds, at several levels simultaneously and without interruption for a period of many minutes. (Dreamtime: Mark Atkins, Master of the Didgeridoo. Liner Notes. American Record Corporation, 2011.)
26 Dec 2013
Didgeridoos: Sounds of the Aborigine
(Kado, 1995), 42 mins, 6 page(s)  
This album was recorded using field recording equipment on location at Mowanjum, an Aboriginal community located approximately 10 km from Derby in the West Kimberely. Mowanjum is now an independent community, however it was originally set up as a mission and is comprised principally of three tribes: the Worora, Ngarinyin and Wunambal. This album features some of the finest musicians in the Kimberleys. (The Didgeridoo of the Australian Aborigines: Dream Time. Liner Notes. American Record Corporation, 2010.)
26 Dec 2013
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