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Classic Motown Songs Liz Dutton (Music Editor) 8 30 Nov -0001
Jay Haley Therapy Collection* See Master Therapist teacher Jay Haley in action! Considered one of the founders of family therapy, part of this collection shows actual cases as they progress from week to week with a training group. Viewers see the case presented by the therapist trainees, Haley planning the sessions with them, his directives in the live supervision, and debriefing group discussions. Other parts of this Haley collection consist of documentaries on family therapy and hypnosis. Jay Haley 17 30 Nov -0001
The Films of Ken Burns Filmmaker Ken Burns has created many iconic and acclaimed historical documentaries on quintessentially American events and institutions. This playlist includes all episodes of The Civil War and Jazz; key historical documentaries in his American Collection series and the broader American Experience series; and links to biographical information.
Films slated to be added to this collection and playlist include Thomas Jefferson, Lewis and Clark: Journey of the Corps of Discovery, Not for...
Shana Wagger, Alexander Street Press 26 30 Nov -0001
Copy of The End of World War II This playlist shows newsreels from the Invasion of Normandy, the dropping of the atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and the surrender of Japan and Germany from the perspectives of the countries involved. Fiona Carr 6 30 Nov -0001
Ode to the Tuba Liz Dutton (Music Editor) 29 30 Nov -0001
Artrhroplasties of the Upper Extremity Featuring Susan Weiss; OT, CHP Greg Urquhart 10 30 Nov -0001
Drugs/Substance Abuse Danielle Sargent, Alexander Street 6 30 Nov -0001