Title Description Owner Items Date added Copy Embed
Great lesson on reading for meaning in science This teacher is dynamic and does a great job of leading students to their own discovery of how to decode complex science textbook narrative by making connections to their own experiences. Julie Miller, Alexander Street Press 0 26 Aug 2011
Adolescents- age specific care Greg Urquhart 4 23 Aug 2011
Architecture Plays and tracks that discuss architecture. L.A. Theatre Works 7 24 Jun 2011
Intersections of Gender, Cultural, and Ethnic Studies The two complete plays, plus the additional tracks from other plays that are on this list provide snapshots of some of the many issues that arise when culture, race, and gender conflict. L.A. Theatre Works 11 23 Jun 2011
Nursing Tracks in this playlist reflect the Health and Medicine discipline, with a focus on nursing. L.A. Theatre Works 3 23 Jun 2011
UN Conferences during International Decade for Women: Proceedings and other major documents The Mexico City (1975), Copenhagen (1980), and Nairobi (1985) World Conferences of the International Decade for Women were instrumental in moving women's activism to new level of international cooperation and worldwide influence. This playlist highlights proceedings and other documents from the three conferences, including what happened at them and what was their influence. Julie Miller, Alexander Street Press 7 22 Jun 2011
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Proceedings This playlist contains proceedings by the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom that offer fascinating insight into the planning, challenges, and initiatives resulting from meetings of this organization. They are extremely significant research documents for furthering research on women's international activism. Julie Miller, Alexander Street Press 9 3 Jun 2011
Documents featuring speakers at Berkshire Conference 2011 These are materials that feature some of the notable women involved in creating and organizing the pivotal U.N. Women's World Conferences who will be attending and speaking at the Berkshire conference in Amherst in June. Julie Miller, Alexander Street Press 5 3 Jun 2011
Highlights from Women in Social Movements International Julie Miller, Alexander Street Press 3 3 Jun 2011
Aletta Collection: works by and about Aletta Jacobs The Aletta Institute, based in Amsterdam, is named after Aletta Jacobs, an influential feminist who was also the first female physician in the Netherlands. The Institute supports women's rights through academic research and cultural studies. The items in WASI from this archive include significant reports and proceedings from key international women's organizations such as the International Alliance of Women, the International Council on Women, and the International Federation of Business and Pro... Julie Miller, Alexander Street Press 2 3 Jun 2011