Take from the Rich

Take from the Rich

performed by Mark Boulle, Haba Dudes (Mark Boulle and the Haba Dudes, 2011), 49 mins

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"Take from the rich", the new album from Mark Boulle and the Haba Dudes, combines the best of what it means to be Australian, with the best of Mark and the band's unassuming personalities and musical style, with the best of Gypsy and Folk music, for a listening experience that is smooth, thoroughly enjoyable, and that very importantly bears repetition. This is the music of goodwill and harmony; it is relaxed and soothing, with its soothing quality reaching a peak in the song, "Story of a Cake", where the lyrics promise gently, "It'll make you feel good"... and it does.

This is an album for those who appreciate fine introspective acoustic-based music with depth of feeling. Mark and the band have crafted fourteen inspirational acoustic-based songs that take the listener on a journey of heart, soul and conscience through a rich emotional and personal landscape, reminding us that in an imperfect world, the possibility to transcend our problems through appreciation is ever-present. Daren Williams on bass and Matthew Brown on drums and percussion provide solid, respectable and unobtrusive rhythmic backing, restrained from unnecessary (and inappropriate) complexity, in keeping with the simple, down-to-earth style of this music. Elodie Mayberry plays the violin with wonderful feeling, subtlety and depth, and she adds a whole other dimension to this album. Neil Macleod's flute and clarinet contributions are beautifully textured and resonant, and Steve Keyse on saxophone and keys injects with skill his soul and passion into the mix.

One of the finest songs on the album is "Suga Mama": with a soulful, almost haunting melody, the lyrics give us a strong sense of Mark's authenticity, honesty and playfulness. "Greenside" is another one of the highlights of the album: a subtle meandering song featuring moaning violin and soulful sax, it is also the most political song of the album aside from the title track, gently pointing to problematic behaviours in the world without being pushy or self-righteous about it.

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Music recording
49 mins
Haba Dudes
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Alternative, Folk-Rock, Pop
Mark Boulle and the Haba Dudes
Mark Boulle
Date Recorded
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Popular Music, Music & Performing Arts, Rock Music, Haba Dudes, Rock Music, Música Rock
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Rock Music, Música Rock

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