Turkey: An Overview

Turkey: An Overview

written by Ursula Reinhard; edited by Virginia Danielson, Scott Marcus and Dwight Reynolds (Routledge (Publisher), 2001), 19 page(s)

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Field of Interest
World Music
Ursula Reinhard
Content Type
General reference book
Sub Genre
Arabesque, Ritual, Fasil, Pesrev
Page Count
Page Range
Publication Year
Routledge (Publisher)
World Music, Music & Performing Arts, Middle East, Armenian, Alevi, Romanian, Arab, Turk, Greek, Maya, Persian, Polish, Italian, European, Religious literature, Musicians, Composers, Islam, Religious orders, Empire, Sufism, Performance practice, Musical meter and rhythm, Improvisation, Traditional, Columbus's First Voyage to America, 1492-1493, Bagpipes, Banjo, Bell, Castanets, Spoons, Clarinet, Cymbals, Drum, Tambourine, Darabukka, Dumbek, Kettledrum, Violin, Flute, end-blown, Kaval, Ney, Electronic Instruments, Opera orchestra, Harp, Lute, Baglama, Saz, Tanbur, Ud, Lyre, Duduk, Oboe, Reed, Trumpet, Fiddle, Vocables, Voice, Zither, Santur, Kunkaj, Mazhar, Davul, Zurna, Deblek, Kemânche, Kudüm, Mehter, Rabāba, Oriente Médio, Oriente Medio, Turquía, Wien, Istanbul Ili, Erzurum Ili, Kars Ili, Béla Bartók, 1881-1945, Franz Peter Schubert, 1797-1828, Paul Hindemith, 1895-1963, Gaetano Donizetti, 1797-1848, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 1756-1791, Pir Sultan Abdal, 1480-1550, Abū Naṣr al-Fārābī, 0872-0950, Safi al-Din Al-Urmawī, 1216-1294, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, 1881-1938, Raûf Yektâ Bey, 1871-1935, Tanburi Cemil Bey, 1873-1916, Hammamizade Ismail Efendi Dede, 1778-1846, Yunus Emre, 1238-1320, Buhûrîzâde Mustafa Itrî, 1640-1711, Muhammad the Prophet, 0570-0632, Arif Sağ, 1945-, India, Europe, China, Turkey, Vienna State, Istanbul Province, Erzurum Province, Kars Province
Keywords and Translated Subjects
Oriente Médio, Oriente Medio, Turquía, Wien, Istanbul Ili, Erzurum Ili, Kars Ili

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