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Tribute to Dave Brubeck This is a collection of many Brubeck classics. Brubeck died on 12/5/2012 at age 91. Liz Dutton (Music Editor) 7 5 Dec 2012
autistic spectrum Videos and clips focused on issues and treatment of adults and children with autistic spectrum disorders, including Autism and Rett Syndrome Greg Urquhart 7 5 Dec 2012
Dental Fractures and Treatments Procedures for dealing with various tooth fractures. This playlist includes treatment of teeth 5, 8, 9, 10, and 12 (UNS) Greg Urquhart 7 14 Nov 2012
Gingival Recession videos and clips on gingival recession as a presenting condition Greg Urquhart 4 14 Nov 2012
Soft tissue/gingival management Videos and clips focused on assessing and treating gingival conditions Greg Urquhart 7 14 Nov 2012
Dental Team Videos focused specifically on teamwork, communication, training,functional specializations, and management. Greg Urquhart 11 8 Nov 2012
photography and imaging Videos covering topics related to radiography, dental photography, imaging, and related topics Greg Urquhart 2 8 Nov 2012
General Dentistry Collection of videos focused on general dental procedures,team roles, administration, office setup, patient relations, communication, etc. Greg Urquhart 9 8 Nov 2012
Restorations Titles focusing on restorations and restorative dentistry Greg Urquhart 19 8 Nov 2012
Tribute to Elliott Carter Liz Dutton (Music Editor) 9 7 Nov 2012