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Take Me Out to the Ball Game: Baseball in Silent Film Kat Cook (Alexander Street Press Editor) 5 22 Oct 2012
John Cage centennial celebration John Cage would have turned 100 on Sept. 5, 2012. This playlist includes many notable Cage recordings and repertoire. Liz Dutton (Music Editor) 10 6 Sep 2012
Core Training Stability and strength training focusing on the body's core Greg Urquhart 8 2 Aug 2012
Strength Training Strength training using various techniques and equipment such as kettlebells, medicine balls, elastic, and body weight Greg Urquhart 7 2 Aug 2012
Sports Medicine - The Spine Evaluations of the spine and supporting structures Greg Urquhart 4 2 Aug 2012
National Film Registry titles Films from The National Film Registry, which is the United States National Film Preservation Board's selection of films for preservation in the Library of Congress. Kat Cook (Alexander Street Press Editor) 10 20 Jun 2012
19th Century Silent Film Kat Cook (Alexander Street Press Editor) 7 20 Jun 2012
Sundance Films, 2005-2010 Kat Cook (Alexander Street Press Editor) 8 20 Jun 2012
Award Winning Shorts Kat Cook (Alexander Street Press Editor) 3 19 Jun 2012
Medical Problem vs Moral Problem Listen to Dr. Amen share a story about how client was misdiagnosed with a personality disorder when actually it was an environmental toxin at work that was affecting his brain, and therefore his personality. Brain scans are important to consider as we look at how we diagnose our clients. E Robey 1 15 Jun 2012